Positive Behaviour Support in South West Sydney, from Bankstown to Liverpool and Fairfield

Find out how to organise a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) in South West Sydney and the areas we provide support.

The art of de-escalation: 10 tips for parents to manage autistic meltdowns

What to look for, 10 ways to help and how Positive Behaviour Support can help children on the autism spectrum.

Find Positive Behaviour Support in Western Sydney for NDIS participants

We improve quality of life through easy access to Positive Behaviour Support in Blacktown, Parramatta and Penrith.

Positive Behaviour Support on Sydney’s Northern Beaches: Meet PBS practitioner Joanne Choudry

Find out how Joanne's special education experience shapes her approach to Positive Behaviour Support.

Positive Behaviour Support in Tasmania: Meet Senior PBS practitioner Jenny Lancaster

She's a harp-playing social worker learning AUSLAN and braille; she said "I love what I do and I do what I love."

We're creating freedom and social connection through easy access to Positive Behaviour Support in Australia

We've grown from humble beginnings in Sydney to supporting NDIS participants in every state of Australia!

Meet Alexandra Cox, NDIS Provider and Behaviour Support Practitioner in New England and Darling Downs

In our Q&A with Alex, we talk about orchards, sheep dogs, life in Stanthorpe and how PBS can help with Autism and PTSD.

Positive Behaviour Support in Adelaide: Meet PBS practitioner Shvan Mohammed

We asked Shvan about educational psychology, autism and the importance of empathy. Click to read more.

NDIS provider in Yamba, NSW: Behind the scenes with Brooke Wheeler

Meet Brooke Wheeler, Behaviour Support Practitioner in Clarence Valley NSW

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Dave and all of us at Ability Consultants!

10 things about you: Q&A with our Central West Positive Behaviour Support practitioners

Get to know our PBS practitioners in Mudgee and Dubbo, Central West NSW!

Positive Behaviour Support in Dubbo: Meet PBS Practitioner Candice Golding

What's in Dubbo? Horses of course! Learn about Candice, her work as a PBS practitioner and her love for horses.

We’re a Registered NDIS provider delivering Positive Behaviour Support in Bundaberg

Find out how you can benefit from positive behaviour support in Bundaberg!

Looking for an NDIS provider in Mudgee? Our team can help you. Get in touch to find out more

Central West NSW, we've got you covered! Find out about positive behaviour support in this interview with Hayley Gray.

Positive Behaviour Support on the NSW Mid-North Coast: Forster, Taree, Gloucester & more

Learn more about NDIS support on the Mid North Coast of NSW in our Q&A with Practitioner Gina McClure.

Positive Behaviour Support in Cairns | Meet Behaviour Support Practitioner Indi Taylor

We talk about special ed, psychology, life in Cairns and creating change through Positive Behaviour Support.

ABC Western Plains: Jess and Hayley discuss Positive Behaviour Support in Central West NSW

Thanks to Jess McGuire from ABC Western Plains for taking the time to speak with us about PBS in Central West NSW.

How do you respectfully guess the function of a behaviour of concern? Find out in this FREE course

We talk about EATS and give you tools to help you as a PBS practitioner.

Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville: How to get started and what to expect

Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville just became easier to access! Click here to find out more about PBS in Townsville.

Far North Queensland, we now offer Positive Behaviour Support in Cairns

Part of our mission is to make PBS easier to access around Australia and we're excited to be supporting you in Cairns!

Empowering the community: Meet Sally Campbell, our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in Ipswich

We talk about PBS, therapy dogs, horse-drawn carriages, festivals and supporting students with disability.

Positive Behaviour Support in Adelaide, South Australia

Positive Behaviour Support in Adelaide just got easier to access! Click to find out if PBS is the right fit for you.

We'll see you at the Hunter Disability Expo this May in Newcastle!

Meet our PBS Practitioners Alex, Brett and Liss at the Hunter Disability Expo 12-13 May!

Meet us at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo!

We'll be at the Melbourne Disability Connection Expo to answer all your Positive Behaviour Support questions!

From nursing and mental health to Positive Behaviour Support: Meet Karan Singh, PBS Practitioner in Melbourne

Find out about PACER and how a career in mental health can prepare you for working in Positive Behaviour Support.

Meet Patrick Rundle, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in Perth, Western Australia

We talk about education and Positive Behaviour Support in Perth, as well as Kings Park and WA Museum Boola Bardip.

Positive Behaviour Support in Perth, Western Australia

It's official, you can now access Positive Behaviour Support in Perth! 

Emma Fumini supports the Ulladulla community through Positive Behaviour Support

We’re on a mission to make PBS easy to access and we’re beyond excited to welcome Emma Fumini to our team in Ulladulla!

Looking for Positive Behaviour Support in Newcastle? We've got your back!

Meet Alex Lee, who joins our team as a Behaviour Support Practitioner in Newcastle, NSW!

Positive Behaviour Support in Melbourne | Ability Consultants

Positive Behaviour Support in Melbourne is now easier to find, with our team expanding to Victoria!

Meet Brett Sams, Behaviour Support Practitioner in Lake Macquarie

We’re on a mission to make positive behaviour support easy to access and we’re pleased to introduce Brett in this Q&A!

Welcome Julie, Positive Behaviour Support NDIS Provider, lower Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay North

Check out our Q&A with positive behaviour support practitioner Julie Lyons!

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Dave and all of us at Ability Consultants! 

NDIS provider in Ballina: Meet Mark Downie, Behaviour Support Practitioner

If you're looking for positive behaviour support in the Northern Rivers region, you'll want to check out this interview.

Our highlights from the 2022 AGOSCI Conference

AGOSCI advocates for people with complex communication needs. Read Ross's highlights from the 2022 AGOSCI conference.

Positive Behaviour Support can be hard to access. Here’s how we’re changing that in Australia

We’re on a mission to make positive behaviour support easy to access in Australia.

Next week: Meet NDIS Registered Providers in Toowoomba, Queensland

Meet Belinda at the Regional Disability Expo on October 7th!

Meet our team at the Shoalhaven Disability Expo

We'll be answering all your positive behaviour support questions at the Shoalhaven Disability Expo this September.

Meet Stacey Davidson, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in Shoalhaven

Stacey talks about the impact of behaviour support and shares her career highlights in the disability sector.

We've got great news about Positive Behaviour Support in Wollongong

We're excited to welcome four new positive behaviour support practitioners to our team in Wollongong!

We’ll be at the AGOSCI Conference this September

AGOSCI? What is AGOSCI? How does it relate to positive behaviour support and disability support? Find out here.

ABAA Conference Recap: Interview with Ross Leighner, Behaviour Analyst

Join us as Ross shares exciting news for Behaviour Analysts in Australia and highlights from the ABAA Conference.

We look forward to the 7th Annual ABA Conference

The ABA Conference is a valuable opportunity to to hear from leading ABA professionals and academics in Australia.

We'll see you at the Gold Coast Disability Expo!

This June, you’ll find us at the Gold Coast Disability Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We're an NDIS provider in Grafton — meet Barbara Bevilacqua, Behaviour Support Practitioner

In this interview, Barbara discusses everything from behaviour analysis through to Jacarandas and wandering donkeys!

What to expect from psychology as an NDIS participant

If you’re an NDIS participant, click here to find out how psychology can help you and what your support will look like.

We’ve been awarded the Communication Access Symbol

We help you build freedom and social connection through accessible positive behaviour support. Find out more.

Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane

Our team has expanded into Queensland! Find out how we provide positive behaviour support in Brisbane and QLD.

Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Talking to Strangers’: what we assume and why it matters

Why do we seeek to understand strangers and what assumptions often trip us up along the way?

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful festive season, from all of us here.

Looking for an NDIS provider in Brisbane?

We sat down with Queensland Team Leader, Belinda Thurlow, to find out more about NDIS support in Brisbane.

In Loving Memory of Dr David Manchester

You left us feeling that our thoughts were intrinsically valuable and that you were always learning, even from us.

We’re Seeking Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaching and Positive Behaviour Support can be powerful allies in making life better for people.

How to Connect with Elders | Maurie Voisey-Barlin

Social distancing can make elder engagement difficult, but it can be done — and done well!

Taking action on a movement for housing change

Looking for long-term housing and the opportunity for a better life?

How a movie can stir up feelings and memories

Jane Pfaff takes us through the changing nature of disability support in NSW.

The beauty from within - don’t judge a book by its cover!

Jane's impressive career in the disability sector spans almost 50 years — find out why she's passionate about her work.

Tick Number One

Self-care is always important but even more so for carers during challenging times that require social distancing.


Our target is to see a reduction in restrictive practices and a better quality of life for people.

Things have changed...

What are some of the pain points faced by clinicians, therapists and case managers?

Building the aircraft while flying

We were overwhelmed with the complexities of the NDIS, so we built our own software!

Confused about Restrictive Practices?

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