Northern Beaches Psychologist: Meet Paola A. Vieira

Get to know your local Northern Beaches psychologist: Paola's experience, language skills and how she can help you.

Meet Alex Bell, Forensic Psychologist in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

We talk about soccer, mental health, forensic psychology and Positive Behaviour Support. Click to read more.

What to expect from psychology as an NDIS participant

If you’re an NDIS participant, click here to find out how psychology can help you and what your support will look like.

How can I make a psychology referral at Ability Consultants as an NDIS participant? Can I access PBS too?

Information for NDIS participants: get started with your psychology support and PBS at Ability Consultants

What are cognitive assessments and how can they help NDIS participants?

We can help you with cognitive assessments. Find out what they are, what's they're used for and what to expect.

Are you wondering which NDIS funding you can use for psychology? Find out now.

Not sure which NDIS funds you can use for pyschology support? Find out here.

What are the NDIS psychology fees?

In this article, we'll shed some light on the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and fees that apply to psychology.

NDIS psychology services in Sydney

Our psychologists can provide NDIS support in Sydney, including therapy and assessments. Click to find out more.

Western Sydney Psychologist | Interview with Kathy Zaia

Meet one of our incredible Western Sydney psychologists, Kathy Zaia, who talks about "dropping an anchor" and more.

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