Building the aircraft while flying

David Ackling-Jones

12 May 2019

Building the aircraft while flying

Doing new things is good, but we didn’t know what the hell we were doing when we started all this.

We were overwhelmed with the complexities of the NDIS. We had to adapt our practice to the new technical environment. We are people-people, not techies.

We realised most people feel the same way. Being behaviour technicians, at least we had the advantage that we love data.

So, we built our own software. And it worked.

We now run our whole organisation on it. It talks to the NDIS, so we can focus on serving people. It’s allowed us to grow.

(We have used a great app builder called Appsheet to create our administration tools on the fly. We highly recommend it.)

But, the software is grounded for maintenance today. It's Mothers Day and we're busy debugging the software, instead of playing with family.

Our aircraft will fly better when we wash the bugs off the windshield. We’re chatting with some developers who'll help with this ongoing job. Just need to let it go.

Building the aircraft while flying

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