Looking for an NDIS provider in Mudgee? Our team can help you. Get in touch to find out more

Hayley Gray with Melody Dexter

19 October 2023

Looking for an NDIS provider in Mudgee? Our team can help you. Get in touch to find out more

We’re an NDIS provider in Mudgee, Central West NSW

If you’re looking for an NDIS provider in Mudgee, you’ve found us! Ability Consultants is a registered NDIS provider in Mudgee, where we provide in-person support to NDIS participants and their families.

We now have two behaviour support practitioners based in the Central West, led by Team Leader Hayley Gray, who’s a friendly face in the local disability sector. 

Today, I sat down with Hayley to find out more about NDIS support in Mudgee and Central West NSW.

Types of NDIS support we provide in Mudgee

Hi Hayley! Thanks for catching up today! Tell us which types of NDIS support you provide in Mudgee.

Hi Melody! At the moment I’m working with children and adults with disabilities, helping them and their families understand positive behaviour support through Ability Consultants. I see people face to face, or over the phone or video call. I also work with their support team such as service providers, family, friends, and other clinicians to help better understand how behaviours of concern can impact their quality of life, and how we can build their skills and work towards their goals as well as support their application for more NDIS funding.

About positive behaviour support

Hayley, tell us, what is positive behaviour support and how can it help people with a disability?

Positive behaviour support is when we help someone with a unique concern they may be having, sometimes these are called “behaviours of concern”. Through our assessment and observation process, we’re able to make recommendations for how the client and their supporters can work together to meet the needs of the individual and ensure their freedoms and choices are not compromised, and that they have strategies in place to support them in the most positive and meaningful way possible.

What kind of behaviours can you help with?

The behaviours of concern I’ve experienced in this role and in my career vary so much! I work with people with intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, mental health diagnoses and physical disabilities. Over my career I’ve worked with people with different types of behaviours of concern.

For example sometimes my clients don’t understand what physical safety is, so they need support to be safe around vehicles or in their community. Sometimes my clients may become very frustrated and they use violence as their way of communicating. Sometimes my clients lack confidence, and are not able to speak up for themselves, which means their quality of life is impacted because they are at a very high risk of being taken advantage of. The people I work with are all so different and the support they need varies for each of them.

Can you provide an example of how you’ve seen positive behaviour support really help someone?

I’ve seen many clients grow with the development of a behaviour support plan, but I also really enjoy seeing staff and other supporters learning more about the client in the process and growing their confidence to work with not only my clients, but others in the community.

I had a client who originally needed 1:1 support, who was hardly socialising with others and feeling really socially isolated. I watched this client work really hard with their supporters to identify what works best for them. This meant that we were able to understand the communication behind the behaviour, and adapt the strategies used to plan activities, so that they can be supported in the right way,

This process resulted in the client gradually and safely being included in activities that their peers were doing. This is amazing, because we all deserve to experience inclusion and have meaningful relationships. This client was also able to attend a camping trip away with his provider, something his family never thought he would be able to do.

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What’s the next step if a parent or provider in Central West NSW would like to make a referral?

At Ability Consultants, we have an intake team that really make us clinicians look good! They are so friendly and knowledgeable. Follow the link to make a referral, or call them to enquire about anything you're not sure of. They’re amazing at coordinating exactly what clients and their families need, and communicating with me as soon as they can. They can also help you identify which types of NDIS funding you can use for positive behaviour support.

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Meet our behaviour support practitioner in Mudgee

Meet Hayley Gray

Hayley, what do you love most about living in Mudgee?

I grew up in Western Sydney and moved to Mudgee 12 years ago. I love that Mudgee provides me with a community that’s really supportive of causes that mean a lot to them. I’ve participated in community events like colour runs with the PCYC, Relay for Life, and also had great experiences at concerts and visiting local wineries.

I‘ve come to know many families with people with disabilities and always enjoy stopping for a chat. A lot of my clients have watched my daughter grow up also, and often ask about her before they ask about me! I have a lot of friends who also work in our industry and we are all so supportive of each other, for better outcomes for our clients. It's a fantastic network and friendly community.

What’s your approach to positive behaviour support?

As an NDIS provider, all practitioners at Ability Consultants follow evidence-based and person-centred practices. I’m a people person, so I like to build a relationship based on clear communication and expectations with the families and organisations I work with. I always keep the client at the centre of any conversation, and ensure that their supporters are encouraged to do the same.

I’ve been able to develop some really thorough tracking tools that have provided my clients and their families with evidence-based recommendations, which I find crucial. People usually come to us in times of stress and anxiety, and being able to help them break down the steps, and respond in a way that is strengths-based, is a really important part of the process.

I am also very conscious that the NDIS is structured to provide clients with choice and control, this means that clients have freedom to choose which NDIS providers they engage. With this as a key priority, I ensure that I collaborate with other professionals that clients have engaged for maximum effectiveness for our shared client. I also discuss with clients what other services are available — I have relationships with local NDIS providers in Mudgee who I’m able to connect them with for better outcomes.

Where is your office based in Mudgee?

We have a few NDIS providers located in Mudgee and throughout Central West NSW but you won't see an Ability Consultants office around town — one of the most fabulous things about my role with Ability Consultants is that I am mobile. Our systems are set up so that I can access everything I need from anywhere in the community that people need me to be. I visit people's houses, providers, workplaces, schools. I even meet at the library or at a client’s favourite lunch spot. When I’m not out and about seeing people, I’m in my home office, with my “Office Manager” dachshund, Talulah.

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As an NDIS provider in Mudgee, you‘re quite conscious that NDIS services can be hard to access at times, and you travel to surrounding areas. Which towns do you provide NDIS support in?

At the moment I travel throughout Central West NSW, which includes the Mid Western Region, Dubbo, Bathurst and Orange. Podcasts are my friend!

Can you tell us about your professional background and the work you do at Mudgee TAFE?

I started as a support worker with an NDIS provider in Mudgee, and have always embraced finding better ways to support clients and team mates. As my career progressed, I wanted to share my love of training and development of innovative strategies for our clients, so I completed my training and assessing qualification.

I stayed with the same organisation and developed training that was client focused and reflected what the NDIS practice standards required from us as well. As NDIS providers, we have very specific guidelines and standards to follow. At the time, we had a team of around 60 people who would attend monthly training, either face to face, or online when we were all staying home to stay safe.

While at that organisation, I was always fascinated by behaviour support plans and the differences between NDIS providers, and enjoyed collaborating with clinicians to develop and implement their plans for mutual clients.

Since becoming part of the Ability Consultants team (best decision ever) I ‘ve also taken on a role with TAFE, and am currently teaching Certificate IV in Disability. In this role I’m able to share my current industry experience with my students to help them better apply their learning to real life situations.

You’re involved in the local community at Mudgee, can you tell us more?

I am! Mudgee is such a diverse community, and there’s something for everyone. I’m a member of the Mudgee Evening Branch of the Country Women’s Association of NSW, and enjoy the company of so many of the members. I’ve made wonderful friends and connections, and value the experience that everyone brings to the group. I’m the third generation in my family to be part of the organisation, and am proud of how they highlight the inequalities in country NSW and lobby hard for change on behalf of those communities — definitely a relatable concept for me.

If someone in Mudgee or Central West NSW would like to learn more about positive behaviour support, how can they contact you?

If you’re ready to make a referral, please feel welcome to make a referral online. If you have questions about positive behaviour support or are interested in joining our team in Mudgee, you’re more than welcome to call me on 1300 694 625 or email [email protected].

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Build your career as a Behaviour Support Practitioner

If you're an experienced behaviour support practitioner in Central West NSW or if you're considering changing careers, check out our careers page to learn more about becoming a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in Central West NSW. 

We recruit regularly to meet the growing demand for positive behaviour support throughout Australia. We'd love to hear from you!  

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Looking for an NDIS provider in Mudgee? Our team can help you. Get in touch to find out more

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