Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville: How to get started and what to expect

Melody Dexter

13 June 2023

Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville: How to get started and what to expect

Positive Behaviour Support is now available in Townsville! We’ve been supporting NDIS participants through Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) for several years and we’re grateful that we can now support the Townsville community.

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Positive Behaviour Support transforms a person’s quality of life by building new support strategies, skills and behaviours to meet their needs and goals. We consider your routines, values, social connections and strengths, as well as behaviour that might be a challenge for you. We help find new ways to meet your goals and needs and teach positive behaviours and skills.

Here’s a great video explaining Positive Behaviour Support:

Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville

Who can benefit from Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville?

If you’re an NDIS participant based in Townsville or surrounds, we can help you with Positive Behaviour Support. We support individuals with a range of disabilities, such as autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s and more.

Positive Behaviour Support can impact on the life of an individual, as well as the important people in their lives, such as family and other members of their support network. PBS enriches lives and strengthens connections — its impact goes beyond one person.

Where do we provide Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville?

Our national team is fully remote, which means we don’t work from a specific office or location. Rather, we come to you, to a place and at a time that suits you best. Often, this is home, supported living accommodation, school, work, or even daycare. There is no need for you to travel to take part in Positive Behaviour Support.

If you’re living in Townsville, whether you’re up near Mount Low or Bluewater, or near Annandale, Kirwan, Kelso or Alice River, we can support you.

For those outside of Townsville, we can help! Get in touch and we’ll see if we have a practitioner close to your location. Alternatively, we can provide support through telePBS, often with a mix of in-person visits and phone and video calls.

What can I expect from Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville?

Our support is person-centred, which means that we will always seek your input and participation as we develop your behaviour support plan. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. In addition to working closely with you, with your consent, we will engage with your support team, such as family members, educators, support workers, day program providers, allied health professionals and more.

You can find out more about our process here on our website.

How to access Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville

To get started with Positive Behaviour Support, make a referral on our website. If you have questions about Positive Behaviour Support and how it can help you, you are welcome to give us a call on 1300 694 625 or contact us through our website.

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More information about Positive Behaviour Support and NDIS plans:

To help you dive deeper into the world of Positive Behaviour Support, we’ve created some useful resources for your convenience:

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Ability Consultants is a registered NDIS provider, delivering Positive Behaviour Support and psychology services throughout Australia.

Positive Behaviour Support in Townsville: How to get started and what to expect

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