Infinite possibilities! Find out about Positive Behaviour Support training for experienced PBS practitioners

Melody Dexter

31 March 2023

Infinite possibilities! Find out about Positive Behaviour Support training for experienced PBS practitioners

If you’re looking for Positive Behaviour Support training (PBS) for experienced PBS practitioners, this article is for you. First, I’ll walk you through the free Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training we offer to all our PBS practitioners, as well as further opportunities for experienced practitioners. I’ll also give you access to free Positive Behaviour Support training that you can jump into any time you like, no matter where you work.

The opportunities for learning are endless, it’s all about you and what you’d like to learn or need to learn to further your skills as a behaviour support practitioner.

Each person in the team has an Individual Learning and Development Plan. We help you meet your unique learning goals. For example:

  • we support provisional psychologists with their internship and provide paid Clinical Supervision with the external Supervisor of their choice (in addition to the internal weekly PBS mentoring we all receive);
  • we collaborate with universities and support staff in their ongoing studies and/or research;
  • we often finance and support people to attend and present at professional conferences.

FREE Positive Behaviour Support Training for Ability Consultants Practitioners

Article positive behaviour support training free pbs

Base Camp: PBS Practitioner Induction

Every behaviour support practitioner in our team has access to our induction program, known as Base Camp. You can check it out here at our PBS Centre for Excellence. Base Camp offers behaviour support practitioner training in not only our systems but also safety and introduces PBS concepts, such as restrictive practices and trauma-informed practice.

Our PBS training courses in Base Camp also offer important and useful resources for PBS practitioners such as access to our Restrictive Practices Guide, Essential 10 and all our templates for collecting data and creating behaviour support plans.

CEPL: Leadership Training for Behaviour Support Practitioners

We also offer free leadership training for all PBS practitioners at Ability Consultants, with courses such as Feedback Informed Mentoring and Deliberate Practice and Scaffolding. Our leadership training for behaviour support practitioners can be completed online, in your own time and at your own pace.

This practitioner training is an important stepping stone for all practitioners who become leaders and mentors at Ability Consultants. You can find more information about Positive Behaviour Support training here on our website.

Elevate: Advanced and Ongoing training for Behaviour Support Practitioners

Our Elevate PBS course bundle is continually growing! At the moment our behaviour support practitioners have access to training such as courses focused on children, young people, and dementia and all our previous group learning sessions which cover a multitude of topics such as data analysis, consent checking, restrictive practices audit, support system review and more.

We also offer in-person training courses such as Safety Intervention Training, where you can learn de-escalation skills, non-restrictive and restrictive interventions. Our evidence-based Safety Intervention Training course was designed by the Crisis Prevention Institute and is certified by BILD-ACT.

Nationally recognised Registered Behaviour Technician Training

When you join our team, you’ll also have free access to Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) training. RBT training gives you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis; this course is hosted by the Autism Partnership Foundation. You can also choose to get certified, with the qualification recognised by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB)! 

Empowering Leadership University (ELU)

Every behaviour support practitioner can also choose to take part in further leadership training by enrolling in ELU, where you’ll learn empowering leadership principles in a self-paced, online learning environment and be supported by weekly coaching sessions focused on your ELU learning.

Free Positive Behaviour Support Training for our Wider Community: Get Instant Access!

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Summit: Free training for Behaviour Support Practitioners & our wider community

This is FREE Positive Behaviour Support training that you can access now, from anywhere in the world, even if you’re not a member of our team. Access FREE behaviour support training for practitioners here. All courses in our Summit bundle are FREE and instantly accessible from anywhere in Australia and internationally.

At the moment, we have two PBS training series available to the public, Functions and Formulations Units 1, 2 and 3 and Multi-Element Interventions Units 1, 2, 3 and 4.  

Functions and Formulations: Free Positive Behaviour Support Training for PBS Practitioners

Article  behaviour support training functions formulations

If you’re after an overview of Positive Behaviour Support, we recommend completing “F&F 1: Introduction to Functions and Formulations”. 

If you’re a behaviour support practitioner or would like a more detailed understanding of Positive Behaviour Support, complete Units 1, 2 and 3 of our Functions and Formulations course, where you’ll get a deeper understanding of:

  • identifying behaviours of concern
  • completing a Checklist of Challenging Behaviours
  • completing a Functional Assessment Interview (FAI)
  • using behaviour data and incident data
  • observations and assessments
  • understanding functions of behaviour
  • writing a formulation
  • and more!

Phew! That’s a lot! But wait! There’s more!

Following on from our Functions and Formulations series, we recommend jumping into our free Multi-Element Interventions series. 

Multi-Element Interventions series

Multi-Element Interventions builds upon knowledge shared in Functions and Formulations. We look at quality of life, proactive and reactive strategies as well as reducing restrictive practices. You can check out our free Positive Behaviour Support training here.

Article positive behaviour support training MEI

Before we jump into training for experienced practitioners, I recommend you also check out our article about how we help PBS practitioners navigate the NDIS PBS Capability Framework

    Positive Behaviour Support Training for Experienced Behaviour Support Practitioners

    Article positive behaviour support training experienced practitioners

    In addition to all the training above, we also offer more learning opportunities to all our practitioners, including experienced PBS practitioners.

    This can include anything from pursuing further study such as a Master’s degree, presenting at a conference, learning about and leading a clinical project, researching a topic of interest or more. The level of support we offer will vary depending on the training that you’re pursuing — for example, if you’d like to present at a conference, we could cover your flights, accommodation and conference fees.

    If you’re researching a topic such as PBS in the criminal justice system, we might allocate a certain number of paid work hours per week to your study. If you’d like to attend a course about Acquired Brain Injury or Autism, we could cover your registration fee and travel expenses.

    How do we help you identify learning opportunities?

    We start with the NDIS PBS Capability Framework, but that doesn’t need to be the only guideline. You might find areas that need improvement by going through our Periodic Service Review with your mentor — this gives you the opportunity to review your work as a PBS Practitioner and identify any capabilities that require further development. 

    You and your mentor will develop an Individual Learning and Development Plan and review this quarterly, to ensure your growth continues and any areas of interest or specialisation are supported.

    If you’d like to know more about Positive Behaviour Support training at Ability Consultants, feel free to get in touch on 1300 694 625. If you’re looking for information about careers at Ability Consultants, please check out our careers page for more information about our available roles and how to apply.

    Infinite possibilities! Find out about Positive Behaviour Support training for experienced PBS practitioners

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