Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane | What does PBS look like?

Belinda Thurlow

Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane | What does PBS look like?

Meet Belinda, one of our Behaviour Support Practitioners at Ability Consultants and our Queensland Clinical Lead. In this video, Belinda explains what positive behaviour support might look like for you, if you’re based in Brisbane.

The process is fairly similar for NDIS participants in other cities and states, but our support is person-centred, which means the process will vary for each person we support.

To find out what positive behaviour support might look like for you, watch this video or read on.

Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane [transcript]

For this video, let’s assume you’re based in Brisbane and that I’ll be working with you.

Usually, but not always I would have spoken with you already about what you’d like to do, but once you’ve made a referral and our team has helped you with the paperwork — I’ll give you a call to introduce myself and we’ll set up a time to meet in person or online.

Shorter wait times for Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane

In some parts of Australia, we do have a waiting list, but for most people in Brisbane, our waiting list is currently very short.

Reviewing documents

I’ll start to gather and review any existing information, such as reports from your doctor or paediatrician, speech therapist etc.

Reviewing your goals together

When we meet, we’ll review your goals and what outcomes you want to achieve.

Gathering more information for your Positive Behaviour Support Plan

From there, I’ll start carrying out assessments, interviews and observations. These can take place in a location that works for you, such as at home or at school.

It takes time to do these things, and so while I’m doing these, I also support you and the important people around you, coaching with simple strategies to help with behaviours of concern.

I stay in touch with you throughout the process to check we’re on the right track and adjust if needed.

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Positive Behaviour Support training

Once your positive behaviour support plan is ready, I provide training to help you and the people around you understand your behaviours of concern and what strategies may work best.

For example - a person may be showing aggressive behaviours in the morning on a regular basis - following our functional assessment, if we think the behaviour is actually a person trying to communicate that they’re anxious about what’s going to happen in their day, we may recommend a visual timetable with pictures. We can help you create one, help you implement this strategy - and check in with you to see how it’s going and adjust if needed.

Depending on funding, I would then monitor your plan over a longer period of time with ongoing support.

We know we’ve done our job if we can walk away and not be missed!

How to make a referral for Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane

Whether you’re based in Brisbane or in New South Wales, you can make a referral for positive behaviour support here on our website.

I hope I’ve helped you get a feel for what positive behaviour support is all about and what to expect if you’re based in Brisbane or beyond.

Positive Behaviour Support in Brisbane | What does PBS look like?

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