Our Communication Book

Melody Dexter

18 February 2022

Our Communication Book

What is a communication book?

A communication book helps us communicate with people who:

  • do not use speech;
  • have speech which is difficult to understand;
  • speak another language; or
  • need help understanding our services.

This book will help us communicate with each other about positive behaviour support.

Our communication book was created and produced with the Northcott Therapy team. We have two versions: a downloadable PDF version and an online version. Our team also has access to physical copies that we can take to in-person appointments.

Click below to view our communication book.

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How we use our communication book

We can use our communication book in person or during a video call.

We will ask you:

  • How do you say yes?
  • How do you say no?

We will then ask if you would like to use this communication book.

Next, we will ask how you would like to use this book. For example, you might want us to read a message aloud for you, or you might prefer to point to a message.

After this, we go through each page of the communication book carefully, asking you for yes or no answers.

In our book, there are pictures and written words for communication. There is also a spelling board.

What topics are in our communication book?

You can ask about our referral process for positive behaviour support and how we deliver support.

You might also talk about other parts of behaviour support, such as goals, observation, training and more.

You can tell us how you are feeling. You can ask questions about NDIS funding, wait times and make and confirm appointments.

Please feel welcome to look at our communication book and let us know if you would like to use this when you contact us.

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Our Communication Book

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