Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS funding for Positive Behaviour Support

Melody Dexter

19 May 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS funding for Positive Behaviour Support

You may have seen our article about NDIS funds and Positive Behaviour Support. On this page, we’re going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about NDIS Plans and Positive Behaviour Support.

Your NDIS Plan and Positive Behaviour Support

Which support budgets in my NDIS Plan can I use for Positive Behaviour Support?

There are three support budgets in your NDIS Plan. You can potentially use funds from your Capacity Building support budget and/or Core Support budget. For more information, read our article “Which NDIS funds can I use for Positive Behaviour Support? Improved Relationships funding and more.”

Which categories can we use in those support budgets?

In your Capacity Building budget,  ideally, you will have Improved Relationships funding. This is particularly important if you have Restrictive Practices in place.

If your Capacity Building budget does not include Improved Relationships funding, it may be possible to use funds from your Improved Daily Living and/or Early Childhood categories (if applicable).

In your Core Support budget, funds are transferable across each category. A portion of your Core Support budget may be utilised for Positive Behaviour Support if you do not have Improved Relationships funding.

Our priority if IDL or Core funds are used, is that we do not adversely impact on other supports you require.

For more information about support budgets and categories, read our article “Which NDIS funds can I use for Positive Behaviour Support? Improved Relationships funding and more.”

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How much NDIS funding do I need for Positive Behaviour Support?

The amount of funding you need varies depending on your needs and goals.

With 30 hours, we can provide a Positive Behaviour Support Plan or an Interim Positive Behaviour Support Plan with Restrictive Practice protocols (if applicable). This includes observations, interviews, assessments, documentation review, strategies, training and a recommendations report for future NDIS funding.

30 hours of funding ranges from $5820 to $7045, depending on which funds are used. This is correct at the time of publishing this article and can change slightly each year.

With more than 30 hours, we can provide a Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan, which includes all of the above as well as a Functional Behaviour Assessment. Where a person has complex behavioural support needs, especially relating to multiple diagnoses, this option is recommended to best support a positive outcome from the service.

If you have less than 30 hours, we can assist with one of the following:

  • Behaviour Assessment and Report
  • Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Recommendation Letter

What can I expect to see on my NDIS paperwork?

It’s important to us that your funds are used carefully to ensure we can support you in the best way possible. Our practitioners follow evidence-based guidelines and clear internal guidelines to ensure we provide the support you require.

On your NDIS paperwork, you will see that time is billed for time spent on your Positive Behaviour Support. This includes interviews, assessments, phone calls, emails, report writing and more. We also bill for travel, where applicable.

What do you charge for travel time?

In line with NDIS Pricing Arrangements, we bill up to 30 minutes of travel to an appointment, and 30 minutes from an appointment if it is the last or only appointment the practitioner has that day. We try to minimise travel costs by doing successive visits with more than one client per day, whenever this is possible.

If the travel time to and from appointments is more than 30 mins, we may seek your written permission to charge for additional travel time before the start of the service.

For NDIS participants who live in some rural or remote areas, we can bill up to 60 minutes travel to and from an appointment.

TelePBS is a good option to reduce funds spent on travel. For example, you might choose to have some in-person appointments and some appointments through video calls.

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Not enough funds in your NDIS Plan?

I have an NDIS Plan but don’t have any, or enough, of the funds mentioned above for Positive Behaviour Support. What are my options?

There are a few options to secure NDIS funding for Positive Behaviour Support:

  1. Book 3-10 hours of Positive Behaviour Support to request a Recommendations Letter from Ability Consultants. These hours can be billed using the funds listed above or you can choose to pay privately. Your practitioner will review supporting documentation, meet with you and your stakeholders (preferably by telePBS) and produce a Recommendations Letter for future Behaviour Support funding. Through the NDIS, you can then request a “Change of Circumstances” review.
  2. Request a free quote for Positive Behaviour Support from Ability Consultants, which you can take to your next NDIS Plan Review meeting. This quote can be useful however the Recommendations Letter will increase your ability to secure NDIS funding for Positive Behaviour Support.

If Ability Consultants provides me with a quote for Positive Behaviour Support, can I use the resulting funds with any NDIS provider?

Yes! We hope our quote can help you. If you’re able to secure NDIS funds for Positive Behaviour Support, there is no obligation to use your funding with us. Our mission is to make PBS easily accessible — we want you to use your choice and control to find an NDIS provider who best fits your needs and has capacity to support you as soon as possible.

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If you do not have an NDIS Plan

How can I access Positive Behaviour Support without an NDIS Plan?

Simply make a referral on our website. We have a number of clients who are not NDIS participants. If you don’t have an NDIS Plan, there is the option of paying privately for your PBS support.

We can also provide you with a quote for Positive Behaviour Support (see above), that you can use when organising your NDIS Plan.

You can also apply for an NDIS Plan by following the process below.

How do I organise an NDIS Plan?

There are a few steps to organising your NDIS Plan. This process can take some time, for example, once you’ve applied, the NDIA must contact you within 21 days to confirm if you are eligible or to ask for more information. Following this, a planning process will take place.

To apply for NDIS funding:

  1. Visit the NDIS website to check if you are eligible for NDIS funding.
  2. If you’re eligible, complete the NDIS Access Request Form.
  3. Gather supporting information.
  4. Ask your health professional to complete a Supporting Evidence Form.
  5. Submit all of the above by email or post.

Click here to find more information on the NDIS website.

How do I organise an NDIS Plan if I’m not able to access the NDIS website?

If you’re unable to apply online, you can:

  • call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to make a verbal access request;
  • call your local NDIA office and request a paper Access Request Form be sent to you; or
  • email [email protected] and ask for an Access Request Form to be sent to you.

You can also find easy-read guides on the NDIS website.

About Ability Consultants

Ability Consultants is a Registered NDIS Provider in Australia. Our mission is to create freedom and social connection for people with disability by providing easy access to Positive Behaviour Support.

To get started with Positive Behaviour Support in Australia, make a referral online.

If you have questions about your NDIS Plan and Positive Behaviour Support, please contact us on 1300 694 625 or by using our contact form. Your Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator or Plan Manager might also be able to assist you with your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS funding for Positive Behaviour Support

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