Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational Interviewing (MI) could transform the way you help people make positive changes in their life. MI is a way of rapidly and compassionately engaging with people and understanding their goals and values. It  is a Person-Centred style of Listening, which draws out of people their own strengths and goals, and guides people toward the change they want.

Over 300 published clinical studies have validated the effectiveness of MI in contexts including: Psychology, Health, Social Work, Addiction, Disability, Corrections, and Mental Health.

What will I Learn?

Following your first 1 day workshop you will be able to apply the basic skills of MI, including:

  • Resisting the “Righting Reflex”
  • Person-Centred Counselling Skills (Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summaries)
  • How to exchange information and advice in a non-threatening way
  • How to emphasise the autonomy of the people you support
  • How to do the MI dance, rather than having a verbal wrestling match
  • How to deepen your understanding and skill in MI

Following your second workshop you will be able to understand and start applying more advanced MI skills including:

  • The four stages of an MI conversation
  • How to avoid steering a conversation toward a dead end
  • How to gain clear goals and consent from the people you support
  • The subtle signs that people are getting ready for change
  • How to gently draw-out more of a person’s readiness and confidence
  • How to plan with a person while preserving their own enthusiasm and control
  • How to build a person-centred culture in your team, and add to your MI skills

Enquire about advanced training, tailored coaching and ongoing  feedback for you and your team.

Why do it?

With MI you will discover a new level of ease in your client relationships.

You will help your clients rebuild confidence and trust in their own abilities.

You will finish more days amazed at the solutions people create for themselves.

You will feel less burnt out as a helper, and more empowered in your client relationships.

Gain Ongoing Professional Development while dipping your toe into an evidence-based, strengths based, highly effective clinical modality that is compatible with your existing set of skills, and will amplify your positive outcomes.

Your Trainer

David Ackling-Jones is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). He began training disability professionals in Motivational Interviewing in 2010 when establishing new services for people with a disability exiting correctional facilities. He has since trained hundreds of professionals in introductory and advanced MI workshops and coaching sessions. He has provided tailored MI training for professionals in Disability, Dementia Care, Mental Health, Medicine, Vocational Rehabilitation and Corrections.

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