Custom Mobile Apps

So much of our lives revolve around data: what if you could make your data revolve around you?

Keep track of your health, behaviour, support system, funding, therapy, and just about any other type of data… your way.

If you are using paper forms and notebooks, you can digitise them and make them mobile. Let us help you do this swiftly and elegantly. (more…)

Positive Behaviour Support

We solve many of our behaviour problems when we improve our general quality of life. Positive Behaviour Support creates a safe and predictable relational space where new skills and social behaviours can grow. It starts with you. What are your goals and needs, and what type of support do you need to get there? (more…)

Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational Interviewing (MI) could transform the way you help people make positive changes in their life. MI is a way of rapidly and compassionately engaging with people and understanding their goals and values. It  is a Person-Centred style of Listening, which draws out of people their own strengths and goals, and guides people toward the change they want. (more…)

I-CAN Assessment

The I-CAN assessment will help make sure all of your support needs are properly funded as part of your NDIA Plan.

The Instrument for the Classification and Assessment of Support Needs (I-CAN) is an internationally recognised assessment for people with disabilities including people with mental health concerns. (more…)