Claire Connolly BA, MSc

Claire joins the team at Ability Consultants with over 10 years working within the disability sector. Claire began her career working with teenagers and young adults in supported employment, residential and respite settings with service providers in the West of Ireland. During this time, Claire undertook a undergraduate degree in Psychological Studies and Irish through the National University of Ireland, Galway, and followed this with a Masters of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis. During her academic coursework, Claire continued to work within the disability sector transitioning to early childhood and early intensive intervention.

On arriving in Australia in 2011, Claire continued her work with early intensive intervention, working with top service providers in the Sydney metropolitan and NSW regions as a junior therapist and then team leader. Claire began the process of transitioning to the role of ‘Behaviour Consultant/Program Supervisor’ in 2014/2015, and continued in this role until April 2018.

In addition to her formal qualifications, Claire continues to engage in professional development training opportunities to ensure her knowledge and expertise within the area of disability is current. Her primary areas of interest are ‘Behaviour Management’ and alternative communication.